Transforming into a Change Agent



Embracing new changes can be difficult. An individual has to think of the technology world and the rapid growth that has the world spending fast. This is the digital revolution!

One question pops into my head, do I consider myself a change agent?

As a designer in the digital media world I have to adapt to change every day! In the next 5 – 10 years there will be more web designers, social media platforms, programs, skills and etcetera. That means I have to embrace the change, or find a new career.  I think to myself what can I bring to the digital world. I am always thinking of new ideas for interactive designs, emerging technology and business, and breaking traditional barriers that I believe will work. Recently, I thought of creating an interactive short film, where a viewer clicks on an object in the film and a video pop-ups. To be more specific, the viewer would click on a first-generation apple computer and a “pop-up” video will talk about the develop process of the first apple computer. Of course this idea has been done, and well….. I googled it. Thank you Google for making my life easier! I remember watching the film thinking “wow, this should be everywhere”, but after a few clicks I begin to realize maybe this can be a bit redundant. Over time I believe a viewer will become frustrated while trying to watch the film. Yet, every day there are innovative ideas and changes to the digital world, and some people will not accept the changes. This does not mean an individual should give up.

Key reasons why I believe becoming a change agent will create growth….

All over the world, more and more people are coming together online and bonding around things that they have in common. The World Wide Web has created a foundation for individuals to communicate, network and socialize. Tim Berners-Lee is a key player when talking about the World Wide Web, his vision of creating this system has effectively changed the technology world forever. The w3 has created a world-wide connection. Berners-Lee is an example of a global change agent. Now I am not saying you will become the next Tim Berners-Lee, but you can become an innovator. Now if you’re not sure if you fit the characteristics of a change agent, here’s a checklist:

  •       I have clear visions and can communicate them clearly to others.
  •       I have patience and persistence when dealing with change.
  •       I am not afraid to ask questions.
  •       I am knowledgeable and articulate about the change I am going to make.
  •       I am able to build strong relationships and network with individuals.
  •       I can do my research about resources needed to make a change.

Now after reading each statement do you believe you are or can be a change agent? Well, I sure do! Technology is changing rapidly and adapting to new changes can be difficult, but I believe the importance of being a change agent is having acceptance and preparation. Practice and patience makes success stories!



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