Like It Or Not, Blogging Will Stay


My relationship with blogging has been terrible! Yet blogging is so important! Now don’t get me wrong I do blog. I use Tumblr as a blogging platform to get my everyday thoughts, emotions and anything else that seems important for my fellow followers to know. Even though I am not a huge fan of writing blogs, everyone seems to be reading or writing one, so that means I should jump on board, right? From a designer’s perspective, if a client asked me why blogging is important, for companies, professionals and others, well I would tell them the following reasons:

  • Reason One: Blogging is the source for advice, great ideas, and inspiration. I don’t know how many times I’ve read a blog about health. I read blogs, like many others, to understand myself and what I can do to improve aspects of my life. For example, as a designer, I read blogs about HTML5 or CSS to increase my skills in coding.
  • Reason Two: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! And you can thank GOOGLE for that. Emphasis on keywords when marketing are all factors when blogging. Search engines matter when you’re trying to market a company’s website. By doing so you increase your search engine rankings by adding strong content every day. So make sure you have unique, well-structured content that keeps your audience attention.
  • Reason Three: Experts demand you need to start blogging now! Many will tell you blogging is a marketing tool for products and services and more. Informative post about the latest product can lure people in to visit your blog or company website. Posting a blog to raise awareness of social issues, developments, and world topics can also help your ranks and others. By doing that, you can create a strong audience, who will regularly return to reading more.
  • Reason Four: STATS prove blogging is a winner! Statistics by Social Media today, state over 61% of US consumers purchased a blog post. Blogger is the leading blogging is the leading blogging site in the United States, with over 46 million visitors each month. Better yet, 70% of consumers learn about a company in an article rather than an ad. I am one of those consumers, most recently I learn about another code editor through a fellow blogger. Numbers Numbers! They matter!
  • Reason Five: This particular reason is for potential clients and companies. Blogging is an advertising tool that could land you sponsorship deals, translating that into big money.

Yes of course there are many reasons, but I am sure you get the point. I believe everyone from clients to professionals should create a blog. For anyone starting or already have a blog here are a few suggestions on how to make your blog better if it’s not already:

  • Make sure to edit often!
  • Use a bullet list to make content easier to read
  • Write a hook in the first couple of sentences! (which I hope mine grabbed your attention ☺)
  • Descriptive headlines, which are not too vague but effective.
  • KNOW WHAT YOUR READER WANTS! Give them a great topic that will intrigue them about the company.
  • Bonus! If you own a business hiring a professional or journalist will help. They will know how to utilize important words to capture your audience and make engaging content. Another plus of hiring a professional, you are able to have more time to focus on other goals for your company. This goes along with the previous suggestion.

Well, I hope this helps you consider blogging is a must! Heck! I might have to rethink my relationship with blogging, especially as a designer. Blogging is more important than many think. Blogging has created a foundation for companies and individuals trying to find their voice in the world. There are so many blogging tools that can make blogging easy and fun, some include WordPress, Blogger, and more. So let the posting begin!


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