For WordPress, what contact form is the best?

WordPress is one of the top content management systems for non-developers, developers, and designers. The amount of plugins and built-in features are unless with thousands to choose from. After doing a little research on what WordPress features, and plugins work best for newbies. I was able to narrow down a small list of the best. I searched for contact form plugins that were easy to integrate and simple to set up. First, I thought to myself what are my requirements for the best plugins? Here is a small list of my requirements: Easy to set up Highly customizable Blocks spamming A variety A required option Now that I got my list of requirements out of the way, I narrowed down a list of contact form plugins that met the requirements. The top 5 plugins I researched were the top for every article I read.

PROS AND CONS – no order       

I.            Contact Form 7

  • Pros – Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress, with over 16 million downloads and counting. Customization is simple with the use of markup. The contact form plugin features AJAX submission, built-in CAPTCHA, file upload capabilities, and Akismet spam filtering. A big plus for using the contact form plugin is embedding the form on any page or post with one-line of code.
  • Cons – Contact Form 7 does not lack anything major but more templates to choose from would be nice.

    II.            Fast Secure Contact Form

  • Pros – Fast Secure Contact Form is another popular contact form plugin with over 4 million downloads in counting. The plugin blocks spammers using CAPTCHA and Akismet support. Users are not required to sign up for an account, although it does provide features for scheduling, web based meetings and email support. You are able to add extra fields of any type like text, checkbox, radio, fieldset and more.
  • Cons – The current version has a buggy interface, but the author has released a Beta version, which fixed the issue.

 III.            Visual Form Builder

  • Pros – A clean and simple interface Visual Form Builder is a great plugin with a variety of features. Users are able to build and manage forms from a single place. The drag & drop method to re-order fields is a plus. Other interesting features include exporting entries to a CSV file, customizing confirmation message, sending form submissions to multiple emails and more. Let’s not forget the built-in anti-spamming system.
  • Cons – If users are creating a large WordPress website, Visual Form Builders does not store form entries into your WordPress database

 IV.            Custom Contact Forms

  • Pros – The best part of using Custom Contact Form plugin is the customization. Users are able to change the appearance without CSS, which is great for non-coders. Features include rearranging fields, drag and drop interface, and creating unlimited forms and fields.
  • Cons – A few issues with registering and spamming issues.

    V.            Contact Form by

  • Pros – Contact form by is a free and easy plugin for coders and non-coders.  Users are not required to sign up, and registration is free. The plugin features include nonfictions to your inbox, add custom code or script, social links, CAPTCHA support and more.
  • Cons – Contact Me did mention that users have to create an account on the Contact Me website.

In conclusion, each plugin has its pros and cons. Also, narrowing down the features you want is the best way to distinguish between which plugin works for you. Personal, my favorite plugin to work with is Contact Form 7 form the simplistic and features.



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