Take on the Challenge


I still have a lot to learn about content management systems, but I got a chance to breakdown and compare three different CMSs, two of which are popular among developers. Now, I must say out of the three CMSs, Get Simple, Drupal, and WordPress, Drupal was my favorite. I had a bit of a learning curve installing and downloading plugins for Drupal, but I was able to figure out the problem. I found myself more interested in the challenge of Drupal then the concept. There were many articles declaring Drupal to be complex for newbies, which I am, but there are many resources and community sites to assist.

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS and used by a number of professionals and companies. Drupal was the CMS I wanted to learn more about then many others. I love to take complex problems are turn them into simplistic designs, which Drupal met that criteria. Learning about content management systems for the first time this year allowed my decision to learn more about Drupal. I took on the opportunity to challenge my skills and patience, while maintaining a great attitude. Statistically, Drupal is the 3rd most popular CMS, right under WordPress and Joomla. Many developers and high-profile communities use Drupal as a resource, as well as a number jobs available for the CMS. I believe Drupal is a powerful tool, creating elegant and effective designs with an abundant of resources. Although, the CMS can be challenging to learn the outcome is great once you’ve learned about the system.


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