Don’t Worry! CMS to the Rescue!


If you want to create a website with less of a hassle and do not have the coding chops! Content Management System is the way to go!

In general, CMS speeds up the creation and editorial process of websites. Designer or not, that is important!

The reasoning behind a CMS-driven site…


Content management systems gives a designer and/or client the ability to add, edit and remove content while keeping a live website. While that is helpful, a little research on available CMSs will make the process easier with less of a learning curve. CMS is a less complicated way to update and manage site content. You do not have to be a web designer to have control over your website.


While Content Management System sounds like another pain for a designer, well it’s not! Choosing the right CMS, will allow the user to log in with ability to navigate to the page they want to edit, by clicking edit page and start editing. As well as, editing elements throughout the site. Basically, what you see is what you get. If a user wants to crop an image while editing, a draft mode option is available on all CMSs to see the process. Keep in mind some CMSs do not have certain editing options.


Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is website marketing and content is important. CMS-driven sites help the process of SEOs using certain aspects. A way to help optimize search results is simply adjusting the URLs, no matter the language. Using localized keywords from content, visual hierarchy of text with clever content will help. Plugins are a big factor when managing SEOs, and a can simplify creating title tags and Meta descriptions for the site. An example of a SEO plugin is All in One SEO pack for WordPress, which can automatically optimize WordPress blogs for search engines.


Publishing control is a huge factor when using content management systems. Simply controlling what content changes are made to the site. When content is edited the CMS will wait for until the user to approve and then publish. This allows clients to make changes to site content, save, return to edit and then publish at any time. Content can be saved, but also backed up depending on the CMS options. Therefore users do not lose all the editorial changes made to the site. BACKUP is important, so be sure to check on the options Content management systems have available for users.


Once the user has logged into the CMS they will have control over their content. While security options is helpful when choosing the right CMS, different levels of security options are available. Some content management systems give the option to create and distribute new user IDs controlling access of certain areas on the site, which include uploading, downloading files and more. This type of powerful tool gives a client or developer control over edited and published material.

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why CMS-driven sits are popular and can be important to a businesses. The ability to integrate blogs, SEOs, client control, page-loading speeds, and hassle-free design are a few more reasons for business owners and developers to consider CMSs. Yes, content management systems can be a learning curve, but the benefits of usage is important to making the process of building a site easier and accessible. Depending on the level of skills, choosing the right CMS is important. Some are easy to install, yet can be complex to use.

Here are mot usable CMSs to check out:




Expression Engine

Text Pattern

Radiant CMS

Silver Stripe





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