The Best Of Blogging Tools


The best blogging tool in my opinion is WordPress, but then again who doesn’t choose WordPress as one of their top blogging tools. The array of templates, plugins, and more made WordPress one of the leading blogging tools. Of course, there are many that will oppose to this, even saying there are others tools out there, and YES they are exactly right. But my top choice would be WordPress. Hate it or love it! WordPress gives you great resources, but everyone has their disadvantages. One disadvantage of using WordPress is plugin restrictions. If you want to install plugins to improve the functionality of your site that will be a problem for you are stuck with the plugins available on WordPress.

Now I can’t just say something is great without comparing it! So I will compare three different blogging platforms that are available for bloggers.

The first one I found was Ghost.


Ghost is a newcomer to the blogging world and was created by WordPress UI team member John O’Nolan. This blogging platform presents their bloggers with a main menu of four choices: new post, blog settings, and content and view blog. The clean simple layout of Ghost will give bloggers a relief compared to the complexity of WordPress’s options. The downside to having Ghost is the lack of plugins, features, and options that WordPress and many other blog sites have, that being said, Ghost was published at the end of 2013.  So they have a little leeway until they have been around long enough to give a full evaluation.

Next Runner up is Blogger.


Google’s very own Blogger is hosted on Google’s servers so the user experience will run smoothly. A little researching on the blogging platform will show Blogger has a far less security breach than WordPress. One key factor to having a Blogger rather than Ghost and WordPress is social media sharing. Blogger allows users to integrate Google’s web properties: Gmail, YouTube, and Google+, which is a plus for social media fanatics (for lack of a better word). The downside to having a blogger is the lack of key plugins that could improve your site, the lack of designs featured, and not owning your site, it belongs to GOOGLE! So be careful what you post!

Last, but surely least Tumblr


Tumblr is great for sharing videos, photos and ideas. Easy to publish post and manage multiple blogs, Tumblr is great for sharing whatever you would like and is more of a social network for blogging.  Another big factor when comparing WordPress and Tumblr is open source verse private. That being said, Tumblr is a privately owned company. Also, WordPress gives you more resources to building your site, like plugins, whereas Tumblr does not have any plugins.


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